Best Interior Design Apartment 2013-2014 – Tiara Aquamarine Penthouse

Zen Interiors specialises in both traditional and contemporary settings.The company's skilled design consultants are extremely passionate about guiding their clients from the initial concept through to a timely, on-budget completion.

Zen Interiors was commissioned by a Dutch businessman to create the interiors for his four-bedroom apartment bought as a base for when working in Dubai. He owns numerous properties around the globe and likes to create a distinct flavour of the geographical location of each one. Being in the UAE, he wanted an Arabic-inspired design that captured the look and feel of 'modern Arabia'.The chosen style is inspired by the Arabesque use of pattern repetition and strong architectural statements such as columns and architraves. However, lines are sleek and colours are lighter to reflect a more contemporary Arabian ambience. This project won the award for Best Interior Design in the Apartment category in the 2013-14 International Property Awards.