Box Furniture

BOX Furniture is designed to blend harmoniously not only into all contemporary living and working spaces, but with the human and ecological environments around it. BOX Furniture is proud to be associated with ecologically and socially responsible manufacturing entities. First, all timbers and materials used are sourced only from sustainable, licensed sources, and are purchased either directly from plantations or FSC certified forests. Second, all manufacturing processes and techniques are continuously evaluated to achieve optimal efficiencies and to reduce the level of wastage. Third, all products are conceived, designed and produced in a fashion that respects the human component of the production process and in a manner intended to preserve the social and cultural traditions of the society in which the production processes are conducted.

Several of BOX Furniture’s FSC collections are produced under the prestigious and internationally recognized FSC-COC Certification (Forest Stewardship Council – Chain of Custody) audited by Smart Wood. This certification is tangible recognition of our deep commitment to environmental issues, and will assist us in gaining wider market acceptance.

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