Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents - Turnkey Furniture Packages

1. What are Turnkey Furniture Packages?

This is where we use our own ranges of furniture to design your apartment or villa. When we are finished with the property is ready to move in. All you have to do is turn up with your bags.

We usually call them furniture solutions.

2. What style is your furniture?

We specialise in a modern, contemporary styles, although some of our furniture can also add a classic or Arabic twist to a room setting.

3. How long does it take?

Generally our turnover time is 2-3 weeks, but this depends on the size of the property and the requirements of the project. Our sales managers will always give an honest and realistic timeframe to you after discussing the specifics of your property.

4. How much does it cost?

 That depends on the scope of work, such as how large the property is, how many bedrooms there are, what sort of style you are looking for.

5. I only have one room that needs designing, can you do this?

Unfortunately not, we can only do full apartments and villas.  We work from a ‘blank canvas’ so that the design flows from room to room and looks complete.

6. I already have my own furniture; can you help with the design?

Unfortunately not, we only offer our turnkey furniture solution for the entire property using our own furniture.

7. Do you do curtains and/or wallpaper only?

We do, but only as part of a full project. If you need a full turnkey furniture solution then part of the service includes curtains, blinds, wallpaper and cushions but we cannot do these on their own.

8. Do you have a minimum order you will do?

The smallest job we can do is a one bedroom apartment.

Table of Contents - Bespoke Interior Design

1. What is bespoke interior design?

This is where we design your home from scratch. We provide the drawings, 3D renders and elevations, we are responsible for managing the contractors to carry out the work and we can use branded furniture to design your home.

2. How much does it cost?

For our bespoke interior design jobs, we charge a design fee that is based on your entire budget for the project.  During our initial meeting we will discuss the budget as well as the various stages of payment that we use for bespoke projects.  As a guideline we would normally recommend a budget that is 10-15% of the total value of the property.

3. What do I get for the design fee?

A bespoke interior design project will require many weeks of work by our interior designer. You will be provided working drawings, 3D renders, elevations, moodboards and a specification book as well as site visits, sourcing of furniture and managing of external contractors.

4. How long does it take?

This depends on the availability of materials and the style you are after. If all items are sourced locally then we can complete most projects within 3 months. If all items are sourced from outside the UAE such as Europe and the USA, then you can expect a turnover time of around 6 months.

5. What style can you do?

With bespoke interior design, we can do any style you are after, whether it is ultra-modern, Arabic, French chic or eclectic.

Table of Contents - Furniture

1. Where does your furniture come from?

Our main range, Box Furniture, comes from our factory in Indonesia and is made using American oak and mahogany. We also have suppliers in China whom we have been using for several years for our other ranges of furniture.

2. Do you custom-make furniture?

No we don’t, we have our own range that we have in stock in Dubai which we use for our projects.

Table of Contents - General Questions

1. Where is your location?

We are located in Al Barsha 1 near Mall of the Emirates on the Sheikh Zayed Road, next to the Novotel hotel. Our showroom is facing the highway. It is one minute walk from Sharaf DG Metrostation

2. Do you have any other locations?

Not yet, but watch this space!

3. What are your opening hours?

We are open from 9am till 8pm, from Sundays to Thursdays. During Saturdays we are open from 10am till 6pm. We are closed on Fridays.

4. Are we recruiting?

Please check our careers page for updates on any vacancies as they become available. Or you can go to our Contacts Page and select Careers from the subject and you can send us your CV from there.

5. Do you do contracting, joinery and carpentry?

We do complete renovations of villa's and penthouses whereby we work with a team of reliable and respected contractors and tradesmen to complete all projects on time and on budget.

In the past we have also designed and renovated homes whereby the client uses their own contracting company.

6. Do you design restaurants, offices or commercial units?

Whilst Zen Interiors is predominantly a residential design firm, we have been involved in the design of numerous hospitality projects, and are looking to expand more into commercial design in the future. Recently we have been awarded a design contract for a hotel on the ring of Palm Jumeirah.

Please give us a call and we would be delighted to discuss how we can assist your requirements in more detail.

7. Where do you get your lighting fixtures from?

We have our own suppliers of lighting that we use for our projects.

8. What mattresses do you use?

We use a British brand of mattresses called Barrington, but if you have a specific requirement for another brand then just let us know.