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In colder climates, carpets are often used for insulation and warmth. In the UAE and the warmer countries that we work in, designing properties for clients in Africa and India, we are constantly looking for alternative flooring solutions that keep a house cool, while being aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time. Most of our projects are family homes that value functionality.

Tiles are still the most popular choice in warm climates, from marble to ceramic these are often cost-effective solutions that are hardy and easily available. If you’re looking for alternatives to tiled floors, we are seeing a resurgence in popularity of wooden floors. Although natural wood does need a bit of love and care to stop it warping in the heat, it is possible to lay hardwood or laminate flooring over tiles, either by locking the planks together or gluing them to the tiles. You must ensure the surface is flat first and sand the tiles to give a rougher surface for the wood to stick to. This would be a good solution for people renting their homes or homeowners looking to make easy updates to their décor.

Slate tiles are a popular choice for kitchens as they are durable, practical and are attractively varied in tone. By installing a different type of flooring in each area of the home creates zone markers, allowing an open plan layout to feel segregated into different spaces without using walls or furniture to physically separate spaces.

Often loft-owners, or lovers of minimalism require an urban industrial look, so perhaps think about having concrete floors. There are a good selection of colours and finishes, but it does need yearly resealing.

If you are considering a total house renovation, consider installing under-floor heating to your tiled floor, which warms the surface in winter – so you get the streamlined look of tiles, without the coldness.

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