2013 - Tele Life (Mar-Apr Issue)


Fresh is a key word from the catwalk this year when looking at colour schemes and patterns and is definitely one that can be applied to your home decor. Use this as inspiration that will help throw off winter blues and motivate you for the coming year. 
In the past, fresh came from the ubiquitous spring cleaning; now it's the opportunity to renew the look of your home, bring in new furniture, refresh by adding new accessories and make changes that un-clutter and simplify. 
If walls are looking drab and dreary, use the fashion palette colours of shades of white or natural brown tones. Simply painting walls will lay a fantastic base upon which to build the spring look. This foundation sets the scene for you to layer colour, pattern and texture. 
Extend your living space by choosing furniture of natural wood, rattan or LET SPRING BRING HARMONY TO YOUR HOME bamboo will both add to the natural approach, and by giving an outdoor feel indoor. Especially applying this to rooms with terraces or balconies will give you the impression that it is all one space. Be bold with this year's catwalk patterns. Choose from deconstructed pattern, camouflage abstraction, optical geometrics or check floral mix. The repeated patterning of the optical geometrics gives options of sharp graphic lines or even a sense ' of an optical illusion. Or perhaps use the check floral mix in fabrics that have a dramatic approach of flowers on checkerboard backgrounds for stunning cushions and artwork. Dare to use pattern to add drama, style and statement for curtains or cushions, offsetting with borders of single colour, even on your curtains if you have chosen a quieter pattern. 
Customise your home further by using more natural materials, perhaps banana leaf furniture, cushions blending silk and leather, wood or stone carved accessories, all of which are on trend this season. Ensure that your furniture selections are finished with 100% water based stains, which are both hot and cold resistant and non toxic. 
Add elegance and beauty through the use of this year's key colour, Emerald Green. This regenerative colour works against the neutrals and natural furnishings to boost well being. Use it throughout your home, in soft furnishings, accessories, freshen up your bathroom with new emerald green towels, this is the colour that will be seen everywhere this season. 
Lamps and lighting are essential. New lampshades in emerald green combined with texture will showcase your home. Choose lamp bases of solid mahogany or aluminium to add a new dimension. 
And don't forget that bringing plants into your interior will add natural beauty and different textures. Be careful not to make your environment a jungle with uncontrollable plants, instead soften up hard corners and use them as a piece of living sculpture. Choose plants that work with and not against your style. Take time to select plants that are easy to care for, will cope with being indoors and are used to growing in the shade. 
Display your treasures, perhaps shells from beach combing, or interesting stones you have collected. Use beautiful hand crafted items such as woven baskets or hammered steel trays to showcase these. Surround yourself with fragrance using scent diffusers or scented candles.