Award Winning Projects
  • Le Reve, Full Floor, Dubai

    Le Reve, Full Floor, Dubai

    This apartment in Le Reve, one of the most distinctive and exclusive developments in the  Gulf, was a full-floor apartment of 1,300 square metres (14,000sq.ft.). The aim of the project was to create a..

  • Tiara Penthouse, Dubai

    Tiara Penthouse, Dubai

    Zen Interiors was commissioned by a Dutch businessman to create the interiors for his four bedroom apartment bought as a base for when working in Dubai. He owns numerous properties around the globe and likes to create a ..

  • Kihingo Village, Nairobi, Kenya

    Kihingo Village, Nairobi, Kenya

    A beautiful family home in Naroibi, Kenya, this property is made up of a mix of warm African colors and modern european furniture brands.

  • Best Interior Design Apartment Arabia 2012-2013 – Le Reve Penthouse

    Best Interior Design Apartment Arabia 2012-2013 – Le Reve Penthouse

    This Zen Interiors-designed penthouse in Le Reve Tower in Dubai Marina has won a collection of prestigious international awards for its bespoke residential design.

  • Best Interior Design Private Residence Kenya 2013-2014 – Kihingo Village,  Nairobi

    Best Interior Design Private Residence Kenya 2013-2014 – Kihingo Village, Nairobi

    Zen interiors was approached by a prominent family in Nairobi, Kenya to help with the design of their new home at the time they bought the land. This enable us to be invloved from the start in the pl..

  • Best Interior Design Apartment 2013-2014 – Tiara Aquamarine  Penthouse

    Best Interior Design Apartment 2013-2014 – Tiara Aquamarine Penthouse

    Zen Interiors specialises in both traditional and contemporary settings.The company's skilled design consultants are extremely passionate about guiding their clients from the initial concept through t..

Artistic, inspired work from one of the leading interior design companies in Dubai

There is an art to creating layouts and arrangements in a physical space. You need a keen eye for spatial awareness, an intimate understanding of aesthetic aspects, and an aptitude for realising how people will use the space and the flow between areas. In order to create an aesthetically acute and equally functional space, you need to balance both design and functionality. This is the key to creating a perfect environment. If you want to create a space that is both accommodating and visually pleasing, there is one name you can count on - Zen Interiors.

Zen Interiors is one of the premiere interior design companies in Dubai. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke interior design solutions for residential spaces in the UAE. As a full-service provider, we deliver a full range of solutions covering an array of real property applications. Whether you are thinking of renovating your two-bedroom apartment or completely overhauling your Dubai villa, we can help you.

Experienced consultants in Dubai

Our company is built on teamwork and collaboration. We believe that success is only achievable if every individual involved in the project development is on the same wavelength. As such, we employ artistic minds with whom we can collaborate and harmonise with to create visually appealing yet luxuriously comfortable arrangements. While each of our designers have a unique sense of creativity, we all hold the same artistic philosophy, and this allows us to arrive at supremely unified creations.

Customer collaboration

We understand that your home is your haven, your place of comfort, your retreat. With this in mind, we work closely with our clients to determine their stylistic preferences and requirements for the space. With your vision and our creative expertise, we can turn your dream home into a reality.

We work with some of the best visionaries and artists in the industry in order to create artistic, inspired creations. As a professional design company in Dubai, we deliver turnkey interior design services for residential locations, including luxury furniture selection and installation. With our complete furniture packages, all you need to do is bring your suitcase in on your move. We have accomplished numerous high-end projects for high profile clients , and we have the experience and resources to meet even the most demanding requests. Whether you need help from an experienced consultancy or professional assistance in deploying your vision for your space, you can count on us to deliver.

If you are interested in partnering with us today in building your dream home, feel free to contact us. Our customer support personnel are waiting on the line to assist you.